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Meet Mike & Lauren

{This is two seconds before we started cracking up because we just can’t be serious for TOO long!}

{This is two seconds before we started cracking up because we just can’t be serious for TOO long!}

How could we ever define romance? It's much deeper than any mumbled nonsense about sensational moods and gently whispered words. Its purpose and foundation that sturdy a romance. Your foundation is your “why” and your “why” is what brings your hearts back home at night. It's a moment in time when no one in the world exists except that other person. It’s a perspective that allows him to see her day through a focused lens for the sole purpose of identifying moments in which he could roll out the red carpet of faithfulness, take a knee and unfold “I love you”s onto her path. It’s knowing that the moment he walks out the door, he is putting his life and pride on the line in order to earn something on which a future can be built. The difference between fleeting distraction and committed connection lies within your promises to each other. We exist to nurture, capture and encapsulate the time and space within which your foundation is established so that, in the years to come, you can recount the memories on which your future rests. Our passion is your passion.


How are we different?

Mike and Lauren are happily married and understand the depth of marital commitment. Your marriage (not just your wedding day) is something that Mike and Lauren hold dear to their hearts and find worthy of protecting, cherishing and honoring. The best way that Mike and Lauren can honor your marriage is to document it each step of the way. One more thing - they come as a packaged duo. Every photographer is more successful with an additional artistic eye. Mike and Lauren, each bring artistic experience, backed by both male and female perspectives. They know how to speak the language of love and pour it into your images!

Mike and Lauren’s Top 10

Mike and Lauren LOVE watching movies. They feel like it might give you a better idea of their collective personality if you peruse their top 10 favorite movies (in no particular order)!

  1. Dumb and Dumber

  2. InceptionCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

  3. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

  4. The Wedding Singer

  5. E.T.

  6. Interstellar

  7. Lord of the Rings

  8. Harry Potter

  9. While You Were Sleeping

  10. Cold Mountain

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