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A Lovely Renewal at Traditions Golf Course in Warrensburg

They came back! They did it. After a few busy years building their life, they returned to their hometown and put it in stone - the celebration and wedding they promised they would have with their friends and family. The evening was gorgeous with their parents and son in attendance in renewing their vows and love for each other. It was a repeat in practice but a renewal of heart and commitment to each other. We LOVED this. A reformation of mind and heart in connecting with your spouse. We share this enthusiasm. To have the same perspective as our couples REALLY is why we do this. Nothing is better than a tender heart for your spouse.

Laced with white and class from top to bottom. Like a typical bride, Jessica had months to plan and organize her wedding. She picked out the dress, accessories, her bridesmaids attire, the ceremony and reception decor - every last detail. When it came to the point of it all coming together, it was a beautiful day and one that represented her life with her little boy and new life. At the end of the day, we share with Jessica the gratitude in working with such wonderful people and the sincerity in being a part of their day. Its the beauty and glitter and glam, and its also the people and memories. We treasure our brides!!