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"The Ring" | Are We Being Authentic?

Are we really being authentic when we say “Oh, that’s the most gorgeous ring we’ve ever seen!”?

Recently, we were enjoying a sweet video chat with one of our lovely, glowing brides-to-be. Distance and busy schedules couldn’t keep us from connecting with this excited, young lady. Even though we still can’t wait to congratulate her with an in-person hug, it was pure joy to hear her talk about her colors, her venue and her groom. A few minutes in, we asked if we could see her ring and, of course, she was bubbling with joy to show us! Upon looking at the incredible detail, the diamond collar that set the statement-making stone and the way that it sparkled, even through the computer screen, I realized that it absolutely took my breath away! I (rather loudly) gasped and looked at Mike as if to say with my eyes, “Can you believe how incredible that ring is?!” I told our bride how gorgeous it was and as the words came out of my mouth I realized that each time we ask to see a bride’s ring, I ALWAYS say, “That is the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen!” Why do I say this to every, single bride?

I kept getting this nagging feeling about saying the exact same thing to each of our couples. So, obviously, I had to question why I say this about EVERY ring that we see. I mean, it sounds kind of unauthentic to say the same thing to every bride, right? Should I be feeling ashamed for not being more original? Upon asking myself if I was being fair, I quickly realized exactly why I say the exact same thing each time I’m given the opportunity. For the record, I never plan to say it. It’s not part of some “script” that we put together to try to sway a bride...the words just come spilling out! I can’t help it!

Here’s why:

When we meet a potential bride and groom, the first things we fall in love with are their personality and their story; how they met, how he proposed, etc. It isn’t until well-into our initial meeting with a couple that we ask to see “the ring”. When a blushing bride offers her hand to show us her ring, we are ALWAYS blown away by how perfect it is for her. We can instantly tell that it flawlessly represents everything about her, as well as, validates everything we just heard about their relationship and story. It is clearly chosen, by her groom, with careful attention to detail and style. It isn’t just a piece of jewelry that she’s going to enjoy flashing around town. It’s an eternal token of exactly how much her groom loves and adores her and who and what she is in his eyes. So, naturally, every ring we ever see is, indeed, ALWAYS the most gorgeous ring we have ever seen because it’s the most gorgeous ring we’ve ever seen on HER hand. It’s not even in competition with the other engagement rings we’ve seen because each bride is a unique, “one-and-only” soul. Getting a peek at an engagement ring is like witnessing a match being made right in front of our very eyes. It keeps us falling in love all over again!

The stunning engagement ring featured here is a beautiful representation of a recent bride, Rachel, whose now-husband clearly thinks the world of her.

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