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Elegant Wedding held in Eventful at Locust Grove

This bride and groom are about as genuine as a couple can get. These two have fought and sacrificed, both individually but also as a united force, to ensure a future together. Modern technology allowed these two to connect, initially. However, it was only through the will and determination of their souls' desires to love one another that they beat the odds and "met half-way" to officially commit and unite their lives.

In listening to their touching, hand-written vows, one would learn that Kelsey loves Jermaine almost as much as she loves cheese (he he). One would have also gathered that social media allowed a few innocent glances to evolve into everlasting friendship and a rock solid devotion to each other!

From our first meeting with them to our reflection of their wedding day, we feel extremely blessed to have witnessed their commitment and "never quit" teamwork. What an emotional ascension to have been able to laugh, smile and cry tears of joy with this beautiful couple. We're certain that this is the beginning of a beautiful journey for the Bostens!

Venue | Eventful at Locust Grove

Hair and Makeup | Gracie Grisamore

Dress | Stephanie's Bridal Boutique

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