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Proposal at Nelson-Atkins Museum

Marina + Reese | Nelson-Atkins Museum

Another smooth surprise

My man Reese made early plans to drop the knee to his best friend and girlfriend - Marina. The plans could not be more clear - surprise the heck out of Marina with a surreal moment when she realizes Reese is asking for her hand in eternity.

Reese bought the ring early and wanted a pic of the jewelry-stunner to be on my camera while we were shooting images for Marina's "birthday". The idea that Reese was giving Marina birthday pictures of her and her man speaks a lot about these two. They both want images of their relationship. They both want to kick-off their new encounter in a stellar way with each other. The plan that it was her "birthday" was, however, a disguise. After nearly losing that surprise from unfortunate events, we decided to still go for it. There was concern that the surprise wouldn't be as "legendary" as hoped for, but the realization that he was proposing kept priority and significance in his mind.

While taking a few shots under the plan of shooting for her "birthday", I asked her to look at a few I had taken to make her aware of something. She walks up to my camera as Reese maneuvers around in the perfect knee-dropping location. She notices instantly that the image I'm showing her on the back of the screen is a picture of her new engagement ring and suddenly fell into an emotional *gasp*! She turns around to a smiley Reese awaiting for her hand to place this stunning piece of jewelry on. This kind of special moment was not only witnessed by us, but by a group of teenage girls standing by us. An astounding "Aw!!" was heard as Reese quietly spoke his heart to Marina.

We - people of the camera - are in a unique situation to capture such moments. These times will be with them throughout their lives and will be said as bedtime stories to the children of their families. We are thankful.