Mike & Lauren Photography


A Kansas City native, Mike looks to bring an artistic touch to the photographs he takes. Personable and professional, he wants his clients to have an experience along with the picture process. His inspiration draws from the lines, shapes, and boldness of the city. His eye for the photograph is based on emotion and the inner/outer beauties of people. In everything he does, he gives Jesus Christ all the glory.

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  Being an art teacher, Lauren moved into photography easily with her understanding of art and organization. Recently being a bride of her own, Lauren pays attention to details in her work. During the wedding day, Lauren's focus is making sure the bride is always looking beautiful. She understands firsthand about the wedding planning process and always takes the extra step to communicate clearly to the bride. In everything she does, she gives Jesus Christ all the glory.


We believe everyone has a story. You choose who you want to capture it. Your day includes special moments with parents, intimate seconds with your new spouse, or your little nephew killing it on the dance floor. Allow your day to be told in a way your kids and family will understand in the future - as a story.

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